Click here for FAQ about patient interaction with the system

Which outcome measures do you have?

We have a comprehensive list of outcome measures and the list is growing all the time.  If we don’t have the ones you are looking for they can be quickly and easily added – subject to any licensing constraints. Click here to see an overview on clinical outcomes

Can I develop my own data input forms?

Amplitude has a powerful and flexible forms engine.  We have 12 years of experience in creating electronic clinical forms – so send us your requirements and we can build them for you.  Generally we can turn them around in a day or two.

Where is it hosted?

Amplitude is hosted with a secure web hosting company at their state of the art data centre in Warwickshire (link to 6DG).  They were chosen because they have high server resilience, cloud based, secure offsite backups and are ISO 27001 certified.

Is it secure?

Amplitude uses 256bit encryption over a secure connection.  The application security has been tested and certified by an independent professional IT security (link here).

What are the interface options?

Amplitude supports HL7 and secure web services.

Can I get other users to enter data on my behalf?

Yes, there is a delegate function that allows you to nominate other users e.g. medical secretary, physiotherapist, junior doctor to enter data for your patients.

Can other users see my data?

No, only you can see your data.  There is a flexible security model that enables you to share your data with other users if you wish.  There may be an overall administrative reporting function that consolidates clinical data – but it is anonymised from a patient and clinician perspective.

Are we required to consent the patients?

Yes, this is an information governance requirement for patient identifiable clinical data to be stored in an electronic system.

Can I configure the content of the emails to the patient?

Yes, this is one of many aspects of the system you can configure.

What happens if patients do not fill in their questionnaires online?

Outstanding tasks will be generated for those questionnaires not completed.  The patient can be contacted then by telephone and if needed a questionnaire posted out to them

Can I scan in questionnaire forms which patients have completed?

Yes, there is a scanning function that converts a scanned questionnaire into data. (in development)

I have lots of historical data I’ve been collecting in another system, can this data be imported?

Yes, there is a data import function.  The data will need to be presented in an acceptable format and may need to be “cleansed” before importing.

How secure is the patient portal?

Patients are required to identify themselves using their name, sex, date of birth and the answer to secret questions which they can set up.