What training or information do patients need to be able to use the system?

There is no formal training required for the patients. The patient’s demographic details are completed by a member of staff, and a number of questionnaires will be presented to the patient. If the patient provides an email address, then a link will be sent to the patient portal, via email to their email address. The patient will be able confirm their demographic details and will be presented with the appropriate questionnaire.

How do you know that patients are using it correctly?

The patient will only be able to enter the patient portal once their demographic details are correct. The system will flag up incomplete questionnaires if the patient does not fill out their score properly.

How is patient progress monitored?

Charts are provided for the clinician and patient to see how they are progressing.

What if patients do not have access to the internet?

Patients are able to fill in their questionnaires in the clinic at hospital.  If a patient does not have internet connection and prefers to be contacted via telephone or letter this can be arranged.

Is this suitable for all patients?

Yes this system is suitable for all patients.

How many patient follow up appointments could be saved?

This system has already saved patients returning for their follow up appointments.  This will depend on the procedure/clinician/patient preferences. We have already seen over 80% reduction of follow up appointments in eligible patients in our pilot at Trafford hospital