PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting

                                 PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting

                                          The Park Hotel - Warrington

                                                           2/4/2013 - 19:30 to 21:30


Bibhas Roy, Marion Hughes, Debbie Loughhead, Amy Barratt, James Wilson.

Discussions and Actions

  • There are still some outstanding tasks, from the ‘top ten priorites’ which have not yet been actioned in the system. The Central team to prioritise this list to Gavin Webb.
  • New pathway procedure forms have been re-structured, the procedure title and the date are mandatory fields to trigger the email to the patient.
  • The new version of the system ( PROMs 2.1) was discussed and this should be ready for the Implementation group meeting on the 23rd May.
  • The reporting aspect of the system was discussed and changes agreed, Debbie Loughhead to action with Gavin Webb.
  • Two patient names to be collected from each trust to be apart of a patient forum, Amy Barratt to action. It was mentioned that the patient should consent to this in the PROMs Introduction Questionnaire, this is to be discussed with Gavin Webb.

Long Term Conditions masterclass is scheduled for Wednesday 26th June.

Marion Hughes to assist in the development of producing a teaching/education pack on how to use PROMs. Different topics have been assigned to different people for completion. This will be the core of our education/training  strategy

The PROMs 2.0 website was discussed. Amy Barratt to manage the blog, the new elbow arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy pathways to be added to the blog

It was decided that the Implementation group meetings are to be held quarterly and to give the trusts sites the opportunity to host in between. Now the project has been implemented the need for more regular meetings is less. This should increase the attendance at the Implementation group meetings and may also develop interest in other specialities during site visits.  A monthly newsletter will be sent to each Trusts with key reports on data quality, data usage and comparative data.

The next implementation meeting has been arranged for Thursday 23rd May.

The next central team meeting is Monday 13th May.