Team Implementation meeting - 24/01/2013

Welcome and introductions by Sujesh Bansal.

Short presentation by Sujesh Bansal on PREMs, and their experiences of using the PROMs 2.0 system at Central Manchester Foundation Trust.

Peter Mount spoke about the Trust priorities with regards to patient outcome and experience. He spoke about the PROMs 2,0 presentations that he had seen in the CMFT R&D day, and praised it for having a simple message - it was measuring quality of intervention as well as saving resources. He also offered his support for the wider uptake of the PROMs 2.0 project within the Trust

Gavin Webb presented the PROMs 2.0 system, showing the patient portal, which displays the outcome chart that the patient can view. New aspects of the system were demonstrated including the return to work link and the audit trail which are fully functioning on the system. A new user interface look was presented, but is yet to be finalised on the system.

Debbie Loughhead presented Trust Updates of which 5 of the early implementers are fully up and running and 5 trusts are due to go live in February 2013.  The spread of PROMs 2.0 within different specialities was demonstrated with new pathways for Mental Health and Stroke which are due to go live in February in Pennine and St Helens respectively and plans for a diabetes pathway soon to be created.  Key developments in Trauma pathway including successful linking of PROMs 2.0 with TARN, PREMs data providing prompt feedback to major trauma centres regarding process measures and piloting electronic consent forms were discussed.  

Bibhas Roy presented the reporting aspect of the system. Statistics were displayed of the data collected so far, the number of PROMs collected from each trust was shared and the number of patients responding to PROMs via email were shown and discussed.

The next Implementation meeting is arranged for Thursday 28th Feburary at Salford Royal.