PROMs 2.0 Implementation Meeting, 21/03/2013

                             PROMs 2.0 Implementation Meeting

                               Minutes 21/03/12 17.30-19.30 PP3


Bibhas Roy, James Wilson, David Sellers, Debbie Loughhead, Alisdair Gilmour, Adele Whiteman, Karen Bredell, Neil Connor, Jo Winton, Yvonne McGlinchey, Sophia Parvez, Heather Neary, Penny Bell via dial in. 


Marion Hughes, Jane Stairmand, Chris Peach

Discussions and Actions

Welcome and Introduction by Bibhas Roy

Trust Updates presented by Debbie Loughhead.  Ipswich, Salford and Wythenshawe top recruiters in March.  Now over 1000 patients registered on the system.  Data quality issues discussed and importance of inputting correct DOB and spelling of names when registering patients. 

System Development presented by Gavin Webb.  New version of system due in next couple of months with enhanced features, improved usability, and graphic designer to improve aesthetics.  Some new features include:-

1.  Traffic light system to highlight tasks that require completion.

2.  Help and message function in patient portal for patients to send a message direct to pathway owner, system will email pathway owner to say message has been left.

3.  Data import function ready in new version– i.e import historical data in excel format to    PROMs 2.0.

4.  Improved Ipad support.

5.  Patients able to reset their secret questions

Questions regarding patients registering themselves suggested by Penny Bell.  Bibhas Roy and Gavin Webb to continue this discussion.

Evaluation of patient experience  using innovative PROMs 2.0 System to assist follow up of Arthroscopic Sub-acromial Decompression presented by Adele Whiteman.   Patient experience vitally important and scores reported higher than national average.

Website development to incorporate patient forum.  All trusts to ask a couple of patients if they will be happy to leave feedback and participate in forums and meetings.

National PROMs Summit announced 13th November, London.

  To be explored further at separate meeting TBA.