PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting, 11/03/2013, Trafford General

                                     PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting

                                       Trafford General Hospital



Bibhas Roy, Amy Barratt Debbie Loughhead, David Sellers


James Wilson, Peter Jenkinson.

Discussions and Actions

Each Trust status was reviewed in turn. Some trusts are yet to start data collection – Debbie Loughhead and Amy Barratt to action.

New specialities such as Diabetes, Chronic Pain, and Maternity are showing an interest in using the PROMs 2.0 system.

The PROMs 2.0 system was discussed and the top ten priority list from Nov 2012 was reviewed. There are still some outstanding tasks which have not been actioned. Debbie Loughhead to prioritise list to Gavin Webb.

The PROMs 2.0 website was discussed. Amy Barratt to manage the blog.

Bibhas Roy discussed governance issues with David Sellers- BR to contact Peter Jenkinson regarding this. It will be useful for a Web – Ex account to be issued to assist with online system training- BR to action this.

The promotion of PROMs 2.0 was discussed - information packs, including merchandise have been prepared.

Debbie Loughhead to contact David Sellers to design a chapter for the PROMs book.

The next implementation meeting has been arranged for Thursday 21st March.

The next central team meeting is Monday 8th April