Central Team Meeting TGH 29/04/2013

                                        PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting

                                             Trafford General Hospital



Bibhas Roy, James Wilson, Debbie Loughhead, Amy Barratt.

Discussions and Actions

The PROMs 2.0 system was discussed there are still some outstanding tasks, from the ‘top ten priorites’ which have not yet been actioned. The Central team to prioritise this list to Gavin Webb. The reporting and data analysis was also discussed.

There are new specialities using the system including the Spinal surgeons at SRFT. The scores which they are currently collecting were discussed and specific pathways will be created by Debbie Loughhead.  Discussion was generated, regarding  the system which SRFT are currently using and whether this data can be  pushed/ pulled onto PROMs 2.0. Gavin Webb and Bibhas Roy to action.

Discussions surrounding the PROMs master classes, which will be held in Manchester on the 23rd September 2013.  The PROMs 2.0 summit will follow, on the 14th November being

The PROMs 2.0 website was also discussed, Amy Barratt to maintain.

It was decided that the Implementation group meetings are to be held quarterly and to give the trusts sites the opportunity to host in between. This will hopefully increase the attendance at the Implementation group meetings and may also develop interest in other specialities during site visits. 

The next implementation meeting has been arranged for Thursday 6th June  at The Marriot in Worsley.

The next central team meeting is scheduled for Monday 3rd June.