Team Implementation Meeting- 28/02/2013


Welcome and introductions by Muthu Jeyam.

Presentation by Muthu Jeyam showing the background research into Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Patient Experience Measures. Jeyam discussed how PROMs 2.0 was first founded, and the process of implementing the project into Salford Royal.

Short presentation by Chris Brookes (Executive Medical Director- SRFT) who talked about the meaning of PROMs and the importance of measuring health and patient experience. He spoke about the trust priorities with regards to patient outcome and experience measures. Chris Brookes expressed his full support for the wider uptake of the PROMs 2.0 system within the trust.

Debbie Loughhead presented Trust Updates of which 5 of the early implementers are fully up and running and 5 trusts are due to go live in the near future.  The spread of PROMs 2.0 within different specialities was demonstrated with new pathways for Mental Health and Stroke. Diabetes pathways are now integrated into the system, this will soon be implemented in Salford Royal.  

Amy Barratt demonstrated the PROMs 2.0 system.

Bibhas Roy (PROMs 2.0 Northwest Lead) talked about PROMs and the Importance of measuring healthcare.  Statistics were displayed of the data collected so far, the number of PROMs collected from each trust was shared and the number of patients responding to PROMs via email were shown and discussed. Zaf Naqui showed specific data from Salford, looking at the number of patients responding to PROMs via the emailing function of the system. Zaf Naqui explained the process which a patient experiences when being registered onto the PROMs 2.0 system.

 A short video was presented showing the patients journey of using the PROMs 2.0 system  at Salford Royal.

The next Implementation meeting is arranged for Thursday 21st March at Countess of Chester.