PROMs 2.0 Central Team Meeting - Trafford General

Trust Status reviewed in turn.  Central team to focus on Trusts that have a project plan.

Dial in by PJ – discussion regarding format of future agreements with Trusts to coincide with new licences for 2014. Risks – data security and data protection discussed.  PJ to finalise draft of new documents by March 2013.

Marketing strategy – Packs – to be produced by Comms team at SHA – CT to assist with any information requested by Comms team.

Website- further training, content generation and structure discussed.

System – Top 10 priority list from Nov 2012 reviewed.  Still some outstanding tasks not actioned.  CT to arrange a system priority meeting with Gavin March 2013.  Reporting and comparative analysis to become priority. 

Future Implementation Meetings – Agenda for Salford meeting 28/2/13 finalised.  Structure of site meetings discussed as attendance from other trust representatives has been poor.  To alternate monthly meetings between PP3 as previous set up and Trust sites.