1st National PROMs Summit 2012


‘The next step for PROMs is to  empower patients. The information generated immediately after PROMs data entry that enables shared  decision making with the patient taking informed decisions about their care is avoiding unnecessary clinic  appointments in my practice’
Mr Bibhas Roy

Our first summit was organised with Healthcare conferences UK. The 2013 summit will have free papers - announcement is here

PROMs and Commissioning - Mike Farrar

PROMs and Commissioning Q&A


Andrew Foster CBE- Chief Executive Officer, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust

Mike Farrar CBE - Chief Executive NHS Confederationey -  Chief Clinical Officer

Nick Black - Professor of Health Services Research, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Andrew Coley, Chief Clinical Officer, NHS NW

  • Care & Compassion - Where do PROMs fit in?
  • Are PROMs suitable for thresholding i.e. determine whether a procedure is appropriate for a patient?
  • Is 'gaming' a problem and how do we avoid it?
  • How do you enable people to make sense of the data?
  • How important is electronic media going to be in PROMs collection?

Feedback Comments from Delegates

What was your overall impression of the conference?

  • What was your overall impression of the conference?
  • Excellent – didn’t need an hour for lunch – earlier finish would have been appreciated
  • Excellent.  Wanted to go to all streams!
  • Interesting and varied speakers providing a good overview of PROMs
  • Good to see wide range of professionals that understand overall aim of PROMs, not top-down
  • Good content – prog design little complex
  • Many talks ‘PR from PROMs’ – not necessary for this audience.  Would have preferred more guidance on how to make PROMs data work to improve quality of NHS services – ie mechanisms for models of way PROMs can be used for quality improvement cycle
  • Cold most of day.  Lunch disappointing.  Otherwise loved the conf
  • Excellent, but cost is excessive and makes event inappropriately exclusive
  • Quite well managed.  Change to start time caused probs with train travel

How could the conference be improved?

  • Change order – felt was thrown in deep end as little prior knowledge
  • Workshop focusing only on PREM/PROM with a scenario being given – demonstrating development, application, analysis and outcome of the particular scenario.
  • Warmer workshop rooms
  • A bit too much on DH – sponsored stuff, but prob inevitable.  More time for networking.  Need to fill gap between academia and practice
  • Practical advice for different stakeholders
  • National PROMs strategy and guidance.  How will PROMs be taken forward in a unified way?
  • Link patient stories to outcomes.  More info on using data
  • All presentations in pack and all speakers on feedback form
  • Shame not all pres in pack.  Bit hard to find things
  • Deles have copies of slides before event – also to have all slides in pack as many of us feed back on day to colleagues
  • Too many stats – more on what trusts have done with info provided to them
  • Ref to how PROMs should be reported and applied to the quality accounts
  • Cost is prohibitive to full range of professionals who should attend